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I read this article while searching for ideas to spice up my passover-friendly diet because I have been eating literally the same thing since Tuesday. Imagine my surprise when I see this post written by someone who is not Jewish, talking about how she and her Catholic roommate heaped their plates full of food from the Kosher for Passover table, and mixed it with tons of non-Kosher things. I am beyond happy to have people try Jewish foods…but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not eat the already limited amount of food we have available to us in the dining hall. Seriously, how entitled can someone be???

(And yes, the comment under “Hangry” is mine, please appreciate the non-apology I got from the editor-in-chief.)


I love pirates because they have no concept on albeism. oh you have no leg? here have a peg leg. no hand?? well guess we gotta put a hook on that, give those sons of bitches a surprise. Blind in one eye, put an eyepatch on no one fucking cares, youre deaf??? go man the canons you glorious bastard.They dont care if youre disabled bcus as long as you can fuck shit up they literally dont fucking care.

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*dude puts his mouth around his bros dick* bro, im not actually gay unless i suck it. i never sucked it. its a metaphor, see: you put the dick right between your teeth, but you dont blow it. a metaphor bro

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